About us

Thank you for choosing Website Developer Zone. We are a team of enthusiastic website developers and we want to share the basic skills of website developing with you, at home, so that you can gain the skills and confidence that you need to be able to build your own website.

Having a website that stands out from the crowd is an increasingly important feature of any business. Regardless of your industry, your customers will come to your website and make a decision then and there whether the services you offer are suitable for them. First impressions are so important, which is why we want to make sure you leave no stone unturned and are able to create a compelling and sleek website which speaks volumes for your business or brand.

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Why us?

We were all beginners ourselves not that long ago, and we know how daunting learning a new IT skill can be. That’s why we have done everything we can to make this as easy as possible for all of our customers. All our courses are easy-to-follow, are suitable for all abilities and are available to be downloaded straight away.

Working with our consultants offers our customers a comprehensive remote learning experience that they will not find anywhere else. When you work with a consultant, you choose the lesson plan!

Here are some of the most important skills we cover

  • HTML/CSS: Learn the most common mark-up languages on the web which will help you to develop and style websites.
  • JavaScript: Learn how to understand JavaScript programming which will allow you to incorporate more complex features on to your website such as search bars, videos or interactive maps.
  • Back-end basics: Get to grips with the fundamentals of back-end web development such as how servers work as well as databases and basic cybersecurity.
  • Practice coding: The more you code, the better at it you will get. We have hundreds of coding courses to hone in on all the necessary coding skills you will need to make your own website from scratch.